Typical Wrestling Match

Typical Wrestling Match

Period 1
In a typical wrestling match, first period always starts off with both wrestlers in the neutral (standing) position. Both wrestlers come forward from their corners of the mat, get on their respective line, and shake hands.

Next, the referee blows the whistle and signals “wrestle”. Each wrestler tries to gain control by getting behind of, or on top of their opponent (the first points that are generally awarded are usually for a takedown. When one wrestler gets a takedown, the referee signals “two points”.

The offensive wrestler (usually on top) is trying to apply a hold which will keep his opponent’s shoulders on the mat for two seconds for a fall (PIN) and the defensive wrestler (usually on bottom) tries to escape or reverse positions to gain control.

Period 2
For the second period, the referee will flip a coin or green and red disk to determine which wrestler will get the choice of deciding how he /she would like to begin this period. He / She may choose top, bottom, neutral, or he / she may defer the decision to the other wrestler; which makes his / her opponent choose and gives him / her the choice in the third period.

Period 3
In the third period, the wrestler who did not choose in the second period now has the choice of top, bottom, or neutral.

1st Overtime (if needed)
Overtime occurs when the score at the end of the third period is tie. The wrestlers will start this 1 minute period in the neutral position and will attempt to score. The first points earned by any of the wrestlers will determine the winner. A takedown in overtime usually determines the winner of the match. If the wrestlers go from the neutral position to a nearfall situation ,the wrestler on top can attempt to pin his opponent to end the match from this position.

2nd Overtime (if needed)
Double overtime occurs if a winner has not been determined in 1st overtime. When this happens, the referee will determine which wrestler has the choice of choosing top, bottom, or defer to start this 30 second period. The bottom wrestler must escape or reverse his position to win the match. The top wrestler must maintain control of the bottom wrestler, score back points or pin him / her to win the match.

End of Match
At the end of the match, the wrestlers will shake hands and the referee will raise the hand of the winner. Wrestlers should also shake the opposing coaches hands before returning to the Jr. Patriots coach who was at your mat.

** IMPORTANT!: Wrestlers should also ALWAYS shake the opposing coaches hands before returning to speak with your coach in the corner8.**

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