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wreSTL provides youth the opportunity to reach their potential within their community through mentoring and sport. wreSTL supports youth wrestling in the St. Louis region by increasing awareness, access and participation in the sport.


wreSTL was founded in 2015 in St. Louis City as the only year-round youth wrestling club in the city. wreSTL offers a unique opportunity for kids to learn the sport of wrestling, improve their physical fitness, and receive ongoing mentorship. Our goal is to provide children a solid base to grow on later in life whether they choose to continue in wrestling or not.

wreSTL provides high-quality training for wrestlers of all skill levels with an entire staff of USA Wrestling-certified coaches. Wrestlers can participate in competitions against other youth wrestlers across the St. Louis area if they choose to. All members at wreSTL learn the qualities of hard work, sportsmanship, teamwork, and perseverance.

wreSTL seeks to promote the sport of wrestling in low and moderate income areas of our region. To bring high-level training and coaching to young people who would not otherwise have that opportunity. wreSTL seeks to present wrestling to all races, income levels, and cultures. From a refugee child new in our city to children from old St. Louis families, wreSTL will be there to offer character building to everyone. We will combine our elite wrestling training with mentorship that will not only create strong athletes for our region; but strong leaders of tomorrow on and off the mat.

With the recent move to our new location in the historic Fox Park neighborhood, wreSTL is able to provide an even greater environment for training and play a more significant role in the community.

Ownership Model

The club ownership model creates an environment where kids are stakeholders in the success of the club and themselves. We teach the kids to take responsibility for the facility, equipment, and themselves as representatives of wreSTL. Kids are required to complete a minimal level of “chores” such as mopping the mats, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, taking out trash, etc. In addition, members are invited to participate in the promotion of the club and are tasked with being positive role models in the community as they represent the sport and our club. We want everyone, from kids to parents to staff, to take ownership of our club and treat it as if it were their own and they had a stake in its success.


The MOmentor program operates on a simple concept: be present in a positive way for young people. Mentorship comes in many forms; from participating in social events to supervising club chores or community volunteerism. Additionally, professionals from the community may volunteer their skills and expertise to help our members in their personal development. From education in nutrition to occupational therapy to yoga – professionals donate their time and expertise to our youth participants.

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