Practices – What to Wear and Bring

Practices – What to Wear and Bring

Wrestling is one of the few sports that requires almost no equipment to participate in practices, and very little equipment for tournaments.

For practice kids should wear shorts or sweatpants, t-shirt and crew socks. If needed, girls should wear a sports bra. Try not to wear clothing to practice that is too loose or baggy, because sometimes hands and fingers get caught up in the baggy clothes. In wrestling tournaments, it is required that all wrestlers wear wrestling shoes, headgear and a wrestling singlet or uniform, (we also suggest wearing mouth-guards and knee-pads.) 

Most wrestlers wear their wrestling shoes at practice, but sometimes we have new kids who didn’t have wrestling shoes yet, or someone who forgot their shoes, can wear socks on the wrestling mat. Kids should wear athletic/running shoes to practice in case we take it outside during good weather. Please be sure to bring a water bottle.

Here are a few things to remember when choosing practice attire. 

  • No Jewelry or Watches
  • Glasses may not be worn on the mat.
  • No Zippers or Buttons or Snaps
  • No Bare Feet
  • Cover Skin Scratches or Scabs
  • Leave any valuables at home. wreSTL is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 
We do not allow regular street shoes to be worn on the wrestling mats, as this causes damage to the mats, and can spread dirt and skin diseases.
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